We’re here to tell you that NEW is the new market trend! Nationwide, eager buyers are looking for newly built homes, says Dave Ramsey; recent real estate news suggests that the slow rate of new construction is contributing to the rising prices over the last few years. In fact, new home construction is projected to increase by 8% in 2019!

While the Ocean Reef real estate market typically sets its own trends, we seem to be following suit with the new construction bandwagon. New construction and recent renovations seem to be sold before the listing hits our MLS.

Take these recent pending beauties as examples: (Two of them didn’t even last a month!)

(Above: 17 Country Club and 23 Dilly Tree)

(Above: 7 South Harbor Drive and 50B Fairway Lakes)

As you know, hind sight is often 20-20 in real estate; especially at Ocean Reef. Buyers who are “new construction” homeowners are scoring the most desirable homes by acting quickly. 

Our recommendation is to act fast with an agent you trust; don’t suffer from “I'm Not the Buyer Remorse.” 

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Posted by Roberta Watson on February 8th, 2019 2:38 PM

Welcome to the WLP Blog!

It's our very first post and we're excited to be bringing you our Market Stats for May 2018 (the first of our monthly series keeping you up to date on all things Ocean Reef real estate).
We thought we'd knock out two "FIRSTS" at one time.
Watson Luxury Properties is proud to announce that, year to date, we have matched the total number of transactions that we had for the entire 2017 year!
We look forward to doubling it!
Click here for the May Market Stats.
Got a Questions? Don't hesitate to contact anyone of our Team Members here.

Live the luxury island life ????

Bobbie Watson, Owner, Broker, Realtor
Watson Luxury Properties

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