We’re here to tell you that NEW is the new market trend! Nationwide, eager buyers are looking for newly built homes, says Dave Ramsey; recent real estate news suggests that the slow rate of new construction is contributing to the rising prices over the last few years. In fact, new home construction is projected to increase by 8% in 2019!

While the Ocean Reef real estate market typically sets its own trends, we seem to be following suit with the new construction bandwagon. New construction and recent renovations seem to be sold before the listing hits our MLS.

Take these recent pending beauties as examples: (Two of them didn’t even last a month!)

(Above: 17 Country Club and 23 Dilly Tree)

(Above: 7 South Harbor Drive and 50B Fairway Lakes)

As you know, hind sight is often 20-20 in real estate; especially at Ocean Reef. Buyers who are “new construction” homeowners are scoring the most desirable homes by acting quickly. 

Our recommendation is to act fast with an agent you trust; don’t suffer from “I'm Not the Buyer Remorse.” 

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Florida is known for sunshine, blue skies, and hot wives (referencing those funny air conditioning billboards- you know what I’m talking about). Us Floridians are used to 365 days of 80-degree weather with temps only fluctuating about 10 degrees depending on the time of day. However, this “winter” has been a wacky one with “cool fronts” coming through just about weekly! These cooler temps have us thinking about fireplaces, cozy sweaters, space heaters (Thank you 19th Hole!).

If you have a fireplace in Florida, I’m sure you’ve actually felt compelled to use it this year so we are here to give you answers to your top 5 fireplace questions; from how do they work, to whether or not they are safe and how often you should clean them. Here Zillow does a beautiful job of breaking it all down. We also found this article for you with tips to help achieve maximum coziness in your home; who would have thought perfecting your hot toddy game was one of them!

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Star anise adds enticing, enhancing spicy-sweet flavor

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TopTenRealEstateDeals.com recently released a list of the top 10 celebrity homes of 2018, which means that living like a star has never been easier.
Moreover, Kathie Lee's gorgeous Ocean Reef estate at 19 Card Sound Road made the top 10!

The article reads: "Kathie Lee Gifford is parting with her Florida mansion, which is located in the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo. Spread across 11,400 square feet, the three-level house is equipped with eight bedrooms and eight baths. Notable entertaining spaces include a gourmet kitchen with a pantry, a formal dining area, and a spacious great room opens to a screened-in terrace with a swimming pool and outdoor kitchen beyond."
See more at: 19cardsoundroad.com

Follow the article link below to continue reading the Robb Report article:
The Top 10 Celebrity Homes to Hit the Market in 2018

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Renewed Hope for Coral Reefs Around the World
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Nearly $3 Million exterior improvement project is now complete!

Featuring exterior paint, concrete and railing refurbishment and a fully refurbished landscape, lighting and irrigation plan. Not to mention the dramatic improvements to its distinctive waterside amenity terrace, featuring infinity pool, spa, covered cabana and outdoor kitchen.

Harbour House’s 48 Units are among the most distinctive in South Florida. Each oversized Unit is accompanied by a separate mezzanine guest suite, assigned covered parking, marina slip, a golf cart garage and serviced by fiber optic television and data for the ultimate in modern conveniences. New security cameras and building safety system features throughout the property now secure Harbour House’s exclusive 19 acres. 

Most units have now been renovated with prices now in the low $2 million range, or $475-500 per foot. Harbour House remains Ocean Reef’s greatest value in a newly reconditioned environment, bordered by the Upper Keys most distinctive mangrove estate. The Spectacular views overlook the pristine environmental wonderland of the Florida Keys, with units facing the protected mangroves of Angelfish Creek, the Atlantic Ocean or the exclusive Card Sound Golf Course. Units have gorgeous sunrise and/or amazing sunset views from the elevated 3rd through 5th floor units—all units overlooking water, whether it be the Atlantic Ocean, Angelfish Creek or the beautiful lake of Card Sound Golf Course.  

Situated at the northeast edge of Ocean Reef on the water, away from the high traffic areas and roads, but close enough to the hotel, fishing village, cultural center, library and other areas of Ocean Reef, Harbour House captures the best of both worlds—exclusivity and privacy, while being no further than a few short minutes from everywhere. 

View our Featured Harbour House Listing, 39 Barracuda Lane, by clicking here.

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The Standard of Excellence

For anyone familiar with the Ocean Reef Club, getting news that we are ranked as one of the top 25 Platinum Clubs of the World is no surprise! And we couldn’t be more proud.

Living and working in paradise is an honor. We are happy to provide “platinum” customer service and real estate expertise to all of our clients.

For those of you unfamiliar with Platinum Clubs of the World, the requirements are strict and include esteemed features such as excellence in amenities, caliber of staff and quality of membership.

Forbes writes “This exclusive community located in Key Largo, Florida has its own 4,000-foot airstrip, school, museum, security force, and fire department. To live in Ocean Reef, a resident must be sponsored by two current members and purchase a charter equity membership for $200,000. A marina with 175 slips and docks for yachts up to 175 feet are also offered in one of the most secure developments in America. (Also voted #2 in Country Club in the U.S.)”

To check out the top 25 winning worldwide clubs for 2018-2019 Platinum Club of the World Status, click here.

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Apparently, downsizing is so 2016. New housing trends indicate a move to bigger (not tinier). 

Season is almost here and the Ocean Reef real estate market has already started to rev up after its summer snooze. Like the rest of the country, we’ve noticed the upsizing trend really pick up in our little hamlet; and some of our young families are skipping the starter-home size all together. 

According to Zillow.com research, young consumers are beginning to prioritize space. A whopping 56 percent of millennials said that having a large home is important to them, compared with 42 percent of Gen Xers and just 35 percent of baby boomers.
Studies argue that several factors could be impacting the shift in housing trends including the strength of the national economy. But how do you feel about the influence that television has on this trend?

When’s the last time you watched HGTV? Have you noticed the size of homes on their shows? We’ve definitely noticed the dining tables that seat 12 people! We’ve also noted that new census data shows that the median square footage of new homes is up 20 percent since 2000, from about 2,000 square feet to about 2,500 square feet. Add to that the shift in how homes are designed, with a nod to larger, open spaces. Gone are the days of rigid, closed-off eating spaces or television rooms.

What about you? Does size matter?

Check out Investopedia's thoughts: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/111715/5-reasons-retirees-are-upsizing-instead-downsizing-their-homes.asp

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Investing without a return can burn! Good thing we’ve found a list of four types of renovations that are better left undone, including a study that the National Association of Realtors came out with on the different characteristics that increase and decrease the price of new housing.

We do take this list with a grain of salt since we are such a unique community; heck, most of the time we set and follow our own trends. However, according to Andrew at BiggerPockets, four things to add to your “Thou Shalt Not” list when it comes to rehabbing your properties include: Fixing a Property Up Too Nicely, Awkward Additions or Upgrades That Don’t Fit the Property, and Upgrades That Are Mostly Just a Headache.

Of all the information packed into this article, the fact that the National Association of Realtor’s still finds that adding a pool adds a whopping zero percent to the sales price never ceases to shocks us!

Do you believe that a pool adds to a home’s sale price? If so, why?

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We love The Lighter Side of Real Estate for a little comic relief in our line of work. However, sometimes they post an article or two we find to be pretty interesting, especially when concepts are related to our unique community’s real estate market.

Take this article for example: 4 Reasons You Should Sell Your Starter Home Right Now.

With the off-season coming to a close, inventory in Ocean Reef has disappeared and prices are about to peak as we approach our in-season hustle. Interest rates are at an all time low, and while Ocean Reef is not known for their inventory of less-than-luxury homes, it is time to trade up. So if you’ve ever had any inkling of desire to spread your wings, it’s time to take action.

Here at Watson Luxury Properties, a member owned, family operated firm at Ocean Reef, we specialize in superior customer service and the one-on-one relationship you can expect from a small business. We absolutely pride ourselves in making the buying or selling of a home a stress-free and enjoyable process for our clients. If you’re ready to upgrade (or downsize), we’re a pleasant phone call away!

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Did you know that Christina Watson and Samantha Ochoa, both proud Sales Associates at Watson Luxury Properties, are also members of our community’s Academy PTO Board? Christina, President, and Samantha, Treasurer, each have two children that attend the Academy.


The Academy at Ocean Reef (located right next to the Member Fitness Center) is a coeducational independent school dedicated to providing the highest quality of education; and home to some truly gifted children that are going to take the world by storm someday.
Now that school is back in session Christina and Samantha have something to ask you:

Do you have a gift to share?

The Academy PTO is looking for talented speakers to visit our school, shake up the classrooms, and INSPIRE our PK-8th grade students. Ocean Reef is home to some of the smartest, most accomplished people on the planet who have graduated with honors, won awards, started companies, followed their dreams and achieved goals many have never dared try one’s hand at! (Oh, don’t be modest. We see you.)

So, what is your life's greatest achievement?  Want to share it with some eager listeners?  We've already got a geologist lined up (can you say VOLCANOES?) and we are looking for a few more.

If you are interested, please contact Christina or Samantha ASAP so they may get you in the lineup. The kids would love to hear from you.

Email: ptoacademyator@gmail.com
Christina’s Cell: 410-599-1550
Samantha’s Cell: 305-910-5296

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We are enjoying the company of dozens of refugees from the Carolinas. None of them have received news about possible damage but they obeyed their governor and got out of the way.

Our anniversary of Irmageddon striking our island chain was Monday, September 10th, and you can bet we are prayin' for leniency for our neighbors in the Carolinas. It wasn't so long ago that we were picking up debris amidst the smell of dehydrated salted sea life.

Actually, according to our county annual report, 2.5M cubic yards of debris, including 22,000 flooded appliances, were removed from the Fabulous Florida Keys. The largest number of damaged homes was in a stretch from Marathon to Big Pine Key. 1,200 homes were destroyed, 3,000 had major damage and 5,400 had minor damage. (Not including mobile homes). 1,600 boats sustained damage or sunk. 1,100 cubic yards of debris was pulled out of the canals in the Keys. That project is still ongoing a year later.

"Hurricane Irma" was the number 1 searched google topic nationally and globally in 2017.  As Hurricane Florence is likely to be in 2018. To donate for Florence Relief you can text Florence to 90999 or click here to visit the Red Cross' website. Other links: The Weather Channel: Catastrophic Flood Threat Increases This Weekend as Florence Slowly Tracks Across the Carolinas, Appalachia CNN: Florence pummels the Carolinas The New York Times: Hurricane Florence Live Updates The Wall Street Journal: Tropical Storm Florence: Live Updates

Live the luxury island life ????

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