Is anyone else coming down with Phone-Phobia?

August 24th, 2018 9:55 AM by Roberta Watson

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids technology-free! Hard to believe, right? I mean, the two biggest technology moguls in our country were strict about the use of technology in their homes? Believe it.

Recently, our LinkedIn feed has been filled with articles about the physical effects of spending too much time on our phones, the damage blue light can do to your eyes, and how inactive our younger generation is – spending 7.5 hours daily in front of a screen! SCARY! Real Estate Agents particularly, know what it’s like to be constantly refreshing their MLS sites, following up with leads via email and text, and scouring the internet to keep up with real estate news and trends.

Now, I know it seems silly that this topic inspired a blog post, because, well, I typed this as I stared at my computer screen, and I only came across all this data on screen-time because I was scrolling in my LinkedIn app, but that’s the terrifying part! I bet there isn’t one person reading this that doesn’t feel they spend too much time in front of one screen or another.

The easiest ways we’ve learned to reduce daily screen time can be found right here. My personal favorites include: no screen time while eating, and setting a timer. Yes, a timer; seriously, I can get sucked into my Instagram feed and not come up for air until I’ve realized I’ve lost 30 minutes of my day!

Leave a comment below to share your tips on breaking the habit!

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Samantha Ochoa, Sales Associate
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Posted by Roberta Watson on August 24th, 2018 9:55 AM


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